Is He Still Into You?

When you finally realize that it’s all over, the feeling sinks in after hearing what he has to say, “ I don’t love you anymore”.  Let’s not wait for this things to happen; we all know how it feels loving   a person but can’t love you back anymore.   We need to face the fact that he is no longer yours and there is no reason in staying when you know you are the only one who is holding on.


Can’t tell the love status? Listed below are few of the things that prove your man isn’t into you anymore…


Text and Call No More

He is no longer into you if he stopped replying on your text messages or didn’t even bother calling. A man who is deeply in love with a woman won’t let a day pass by without him updating you with his activity or ask how you’re doing. He will always give time no matter what the circumstances are.

You’re Not on His Planner

When he stops to ask you out on a date or even have a quick visit once in a while.  Recall the days when he still can afford to sneak out from work just to see you, If you see drastic differences, then there’s something occupying your space on his planner.


Being Compared and Less Appreciated

Comparing you to other woman is a sign that he is no longer attracted to you and might be interested on other girls. If your man is still happy with you then there is no reason comparing you to other girls, he would even make you feel more special and proud that you are his girl.


The “I Need Space” Speech

He will demand for space; a space from you and your relationship.  He will be spilling a line saying that he is too busy that he can no longer make time for you.  The truth is, he just can’t just say it right in your face and tell you that you should move on because he already did.



Conversation Shifter

When you want yourself clarified with this entire relationship dilemma and he starts defending like he’s the victim and turns the story against you- you being the reason why all of these are happening. It will appear as if it’s you who has the problem and he has nothing to do with it.


No Strings Attached

Acts as if he is a bachelor.  When he denies information from you like his location, people he is with and his schedule of the day. If he deprives you with these common information, then don’t think twice he is not really into you anymore.


 This Is My World, Go Find Yours

He doesn’t listen to you and ask your opinion. When a man finds the right woman for him, he will do everything just to make that special someone a part of everything that he has, even the simple decisions he has to make.


One Sided Love

He doesn’t comfort you even though he knows you have a problem. This isn’t the right time to defend him and cover him from being ignorant of your feelings; It’s not healthy anymore when you’re the only one who cares about him and his entire crisis. A relationship will never be a relationship when the other half is not working.


A Complete Mistake

When he makes your past mistakes his escape to his mistakes and flaunts it in front of you just to hurt you and does this intentionally, then there is no reason to stay.


Where Is The Love?

I love you seems to be the hardest word. When he doesn’t say I love you anymore it means you are in the type of relationship that has to end. Saying I love you is a simple gesture showing that you are special to him, if you don’t hear him say these things anymore it simply means your relationship is over. If exchanging I love you from the first stage of your relationship is as easy as breathing, then why can’t you hear it now that you are a couple? The feeling may change but love never goes away with time, it just blossom to something even better.…

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How Sleep and Back Pain are Related


Back pain as we grow old became common to us; we become immune with that lightning vibe that crawls in our backs.  According to research, people are prone to experience this in the morning rather than before sleeping at night despite the exhausted day; it is said that wrong sleeping position is one of the common reasons that causes back pain.


Usually, we see sleeping as the cure for any discomfort we are feeling, however, it is advisable that one should understand the importance of having a good sleep in order to get rid of the back pain. Successful sleep means waking up in the morning, feeling lighter and more relaxed than you were before you slept.


But how could we make a successful sleep? Do it with the right sleeping position.  Listed are few of the things to note to prevent back pain and wake-up feeling renewed:


  • Start the night with a not so round or arched back, just let your body lay in bed in a position that doesn’t stretch too much of your muscles or spine.


  • The head should be in a position where you can breathe enough air and neck is not overly arched.


  • Have your body positioned comfortably, you may have your legs straightened or slightly bent or until your back is positioned properly.


  • If you are one of the many who sleeps at their sides, you tend to flex your legs and hips on this position. Your lower back will strain because your leg does not have support. You may insert a pillow between knees to avert back pain.


  • Try lying on your back and if you feel some pain in this position insert a pillow  underneath your knee and a thin towel or pillow at the back of the neck  and slightly elevate it to align your body.


  • To align the body is the best way to prevent back pain. When you’re lying on your stomach and feel a little pain at the back, you may insert a pillow underneath to align a bit.


Back pains are inevitable, it’s something we all would go through; Sleeping indeed would make us feel better, but we should remember the points given above to ensure a successful sleep. Load more..


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