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5 Best Online Slot Games

One of the most popular games right now, unsurprisingly, is online slot games, many of which can be found at places such as Thor Slots. Casino gambling is already on the whole new level with numerous websites offering the same thrill you’d get in real life. They give you the feeling of excitement, the adventures, and most importantly, the money. Here are the five new slot games that have become popular online.


This game has become a huge hit with online gamblers, and to start off this list with something different would be a sin. Why is it so popular, you ask? Well, it’s got that retro interface that reminds you of classic arcade games that could be found in casinos. It’s very simple and fun, going by the slogan “less is more”, and luring in even the most skeptical of gamers. It’s a 5-reel, 10 pay line game that uses its space theme to a maximum.

Desert Treasure

That name is the first thing that hits you with the adventurous vibes this slot game gives you. There are treasure chests you can discover, secret maps you can read, princesses you can seduce, and sheiks you can trick. There’s also a bonus feature called the Hidden Oasis. Moreover, your little prizes add up to your final winnings.

A Night Out

A Night Out feels exactly how an actual real-life casino is, or rather as a Friday night out. You have three pretty girls, Kat, Roxy, and Cindy, to keep you company, while you enjoy all the special perks and bonuses, such as the bartender bonus, the beer symbol wild, the dance floor symbol scatter, and so many more. There’s also a progressive jackpot called Dollar Ball. You can probably guess why this online slot game became so successful: it’s got everything to feel like you are a rich person in a real casino.

Thunderstruck II

Thunderstruck II is a sequel to its no less famous predecessor, Thunderstruck. The graphics and sound effects improved tremendously. What’s special about it? It’s based on Norse mythology! Gods, adventures, and treasures – this is all what’s Thunderstruck II is about. It’s got 243 pay lines, and many cool features. For example, you will have a journey through the Great Hall of Great Spins.

Age of the Gods: Furious 4

This is the fourth installment in the exciting series made by Playtech. And every other game it only gets better. Gods? Check. Adventures? Check. Treasures? Check. It’s got all the special features to get you occupied, and various gods will boost you up when you are having difficulties. There are also different ages you will go through. It’s a 5-reel game with 20 adjustable pay lines.

To sum up, there are definitely more amazing online slot games, but these five are arguably the pinnacle of our modern online casinos. Golden Nugget Casino leads the market with two of their online slot games take places on this list, but others are no worse, so you should check them out and find out which slot game you like more!

Best places for Free Online Stuff Like Online Casinos

Best places for Free Online Stuff Like Online Casinos

University and college is expensive, no matter what age you are. If you don’t know quite what you want to do but feel pressured to get a qualification, then for many, just getting a qualification can be more expensive than it’s worth. But there are ways to get recognized for something you love. Here are some of the best slots to get you on the academic path, online casino games may just be that relaxing side not you need to help boost your motivation levels. Meanwhile, visit wizard slots and play curse of the werewolf megaways slot and win big jackpot prize! Experience the world of werewolves and be a winner.

These courses are lifesavers if you want to improve your skills and learn new things, but with a structure and rewards you for your hard work. They also improve skills outside of the courses such as time-management, motivation and the ability to meet deadlines. It also teaches you about coping with lots of pressure and having lots to do outside of work. Make sure to take plenty of breaks; read, take a walk or play slots.

1. Open University

Established in 1969, the Open University is an extremely respected establishment that offers flexible learning in 900 subjects, from Creative Writing to Astronomy and Planetary Science.Their Open Learn courses can run over 12 weeks and will give you a certificate at the end. If you enjoy the course, then you may well have found your next course. You can study from the comfort of your own home, so there’s no travel or accommodation costs on top of the course fees, which are very affordable and can be paid in installments. With the Open university option why not the fantastic Fluffy Favourites online slot game on Wizard, a popular game that resembles the free spirit that comes with being a part of the open University.

2. Future Learn

Another great online site that offers up to 297 free courses in some interesting subjects, such as An Introduction to Screen Writing, Building a Future with Robots and Math Puzzles. The courses are all taken from different universities across the UK so are to a very high standard. From 2 hours a week to 6, and running from 2 weeks to 6 weeks, they are extremely manageable and work around busy schedules. They’re great in offering some niche ideas and subjects and perfect if you know you’d like to pursue a qualification but not sure in what area. They can all be done at home and often offer lots of opportunities to engage with fellow students on the course. Future learn shows great diversity and vibrance just like that of Starburst, one of the world’s leading online slot games, this game is the pinnacle of excitement and ideal to go alongside your studies!

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3. Oxford Home Study


With no qualifications or criteria, this really is a site that offers free courses for everybody, and offers one of the widest range of subjects for a site offering free online courses.These include courses like Business Management and Risk Management. Their courses are ideal for anyone looking to enhance their skills for the job, trying out something new before committing to a new career or further study. Just like Oxford Home study, a fantastic starting point for those new to online slots and casino is the Enchanted Prince slot on Wizard Slots. Just like the Oxford Home study having a course for everybody, Wizard has a game for everybody and enchanted prince is certainly a prime example of that!

If you’re finding yourself sitting on the fence or feeling like you need a little more of a challenge, then online courses are the ideal solution. With hundreds out there,you’ll be sure to find something that suits you. Above are some of the best in the UK, but many of these free courses are available worldwide. Remember, challenges are important and that’s why we offer a whole host of diverse online casino games, start your online journey now!…

Surviving a Quicksand

Surviving a Quicksand

Quicksand is a mixture of sand, mud and water; it has a density twice as your body. We often see in movies that quicksand is dangerous and when you are trap there is no way of getting out.


Quicksand could be as dangerous as what we see in movies especially when you don’t have any idea on how to get out of it. So when you stroll around the forest or desert always be cautious on what you are stepping; quicksand looks like an ordinary ground that is why many people died not noticing it. View more..…

Is He Still Into You?

Is He Still Into You?

When you finally realize that it’s all over, the feeling sinks in after hearing what he has to say, “ I don’t love you anymore”.  Let’s not wait for this things to happen; we all know how it feels loving   a person but can’t love you back anymore.   We need to face the fact that he is no longer yours and there is no reason in staying when you know you are the only one who is holding on.


Can’t tell the love status? Listed below are few of the things that prove your man isn’t into you anymore…


Text and Call No More

He is no longer into you if he stopped replying on your text messages or didn’t even bother calling. A man who is deeply in love with a woman won’t let a day pass by without him updating you with his activity or ask how you’re doing. He will always give time no matter what the circumstances are.

You’re Not on His Planner

When he stops to ask you out on a date or even have a quick visit once in a while.  Recall the days when he still can afford to sneak out from work just to see you, If you see drastic differences, then there’s something occupying your space on his planner.


Being Compared and Less Appreciated

Comparing you to other woman is a sign that he is no longer attracted to you and might be interested on other girls. If your man is still happy with you then there is no reason comparing you to other girls, he would even make you feel more special and proud that you are his girl.


The “I Need Space” Speech

He will demand for space; a space from you and your relationship.  He will be spilling a line saying that he is too busy that he can no longer make time for you.  The truth is, he just can’t just say it right in your face and tell you that you should move on because he already did.



Conversation Shifter

When you want yourself clarified with this entire relationship dilemma and he starts defending like he’s the victim and turns the story against you- you being the reason why all of these are happening. It will appear as if it’s you who has the problem and he has nothing to do with it.


No Strings Attached

Acts as if he is a bachelor.  When he denies information from you like his location, people he is with and his schedule of the day. If he deprives you with these common information, then don’t think twice he is not really into you anymore.


 This Is My World, Go Find Yours

He doesn’t listen to you and ask your opinion. When a man finds the right woman for him, he will do everything just to make that special someone a part of everything that he has, even the simple decisions he has to make.


One Sided Love

He doesn’t comfort you even though he knows you have a problem. This isn’t the right time to defend him and cover him from being ignorant of your feelings; It’s not healthy anymore when you’re the only one who cares about him and his entire crisis. A relationship will never be a relationship when the other half is not working.


A Complete Mistake

When he makes your past mistakes his escape to his mistakes and flaunts it in front of you just to hurt you and does this intentionally, then there is no reason to stay.


Where Is The Love?

I love you seems to be the hardest word. When he doesn’t say I love you anymore it means you are in the type of relationship that has to end. Saying I love you is a simple gesture showing that you are special to him, if you don’t hear him say these things anymore it simply means your relationship is over. If exchanging I love you from the first stage of your relationship is as easy as breathing, then why can’t you hear it now that you are a couple? The feeling may change but love never goes away with time, it just blossom to something even better.…

Golden Retriever Profile

Golden Retriever Profile

With a lifespan of 12 years Golden Retrievers are most loved by dog owners and breeders. They are known as dog hunters and now they have been tagged as one of the best pet to have. Golden Retrievers are smart and bubbly; they are energetic and friendly to humans. As shown in this video are few of the things we have to know about Golden Retrievers.


They have beauty and charm that is why they are popular to all dog breeders. They can be train easily with basic skills and possesses friendly attitude towards other animals. Golden Retrievers are athletic dogs that need daily exercise; they love the outdoor  walks and love human companion. Read more of this


Clues That Might Prove You’ve Found The One

Clues That Might Prove You’ve Found The One

Isn’t it sweet thinking of getting married? You imagine yourself walking in the aisle with flashing smile and exchanging I do’s with the one you love. Planning is as easy as writing it in a paper, but the question is, are you really sure that you have found THE ONE?

Seeing yourself getting married with the person you love is not a guarantee that he is also looking at the same picture as you are.

To make it easier, below is a list of signs that might make you say I DO sooner.

You are on the Same Boat in Terms of Values

If you and your hubby agrees on decisions and see things on the same perception; like discussing certain issues without ending in a fight then you are compatible with each other. In a relationship communication is essential; setting your priorities and see to it that both of you has equal time in everything is a good sign.

It Gets Sweeter as Time Passes By

If his act of love doesn’t fade and still gives you the giddiness inside as years go by, it simply show that you are both deeply in love with each other. Exchanging I love you and I miss you is not enough, words won’t bring the relationship to higher levels; actions do. Love doesn’t fade with time it just gets even sweeter through the years.

He Loves You Just the Way You are

If your hubby loves you and accepts you for whom you are or what you have and don’t have, then he might be the one. Loving a person doesn’t need to be stressful you don’t even have to change so much of yourself to fit in because acceptance and contentment are one of the factors to have a successful relationship.

couple dating

He Puts Red Marks on Special Dates

He remembers special dates and gives time to celebrate it with you and your loved ones. Giving attention to important dates like birthdays, monthsary or an anniversary shows that you are special as how he sees the relationship with you. He would take time to celebrate those times when he was thankful for having you.

Distance is Never that Long Even You are Miles Away

Sometimes sacrifices are made and relationship is put on the line; when one has to leave and the other needs to stays. Surviving a situation like this despite the distance is a testimony of how certain you are with your partner, when you surpass this scenario then both of you proves that distance is never a hindrance; and it would never break you apart.

Makes You Part of His Family

If he introduces you to his family as the person he want to spend his life with and gives time to meet your family as well, is a good sign that you might have found the one. He will make time to make a bond with your family and would treat your family as his family too.  A man who sees you to be someone he would be living with would make sure that both of your worlds would hopefully become one; including getting the people in your lives together.

He Makes Himself as Your Best Friend and Partner

He is always around you and supports you in any way. He will give you all the love, care, and understanding that he could ever give; and won’t just leave you when you are down. A person who loves you will make every dark side lighter, will put a smile on your face, and will make you a better person and would never pull you down.

Sees You as the Person He Wants to Spend His Life with

You are always included in his plan in the future and make you as his queen is a good sign that he might be the one. Making you an important part of his life and makes both of your plans come true like getting a house for your future family and saves  with an aim of giving you a good life is one signs that both of you are really into making things work for a lifetime.


How Sleep and Back Pain are Related

How Sleep and Back Pain are Related

Back pain as we grow old became common to us; we become immune with that lightning vibe that crawls in our backs.  According to research, people are prone to experience this in the morning rather than before sleeping at night despite the exhausted day; it is said that wrong sleeping position is one of the common reasons that causes back pain.

Usually, we see sleeping as the cure for any discomfort we are feeling, however, it is advisable that one should understand the importance of having a good sleep in order to get rid of the back pain. Successful sleep means waking up in the morning, feeling lighter and more relaxed than you were before you slept.

Is he still into you? Click here to know.

But how could we make a successful sleep? Do it with the right sleeping position.  Listed are few of the things to note to prevent back pain and wake-up feeling renewed:

  • Start the night with a not so round or arched back, just let your body lay in bed in a position that doesn’t stretch too much of your muscles or spine.
  • The head should be in a position where you can breathe enough air and neck is not overly arched.
  • Have your body positioned comfortably, you may have your legs straightened or slightly bent or until your back is positioned properly.
  • If you are one of the many who sleeps at their sides, you tend to flex your legs and hips on this position. Your lower back will strain because your leg does not have support. You may insert a pillow between knees to avert back pain.
  • Try lying on your back and if you feel some pain in this position insert a pillow  underneath your knee and a thin towel or pillow at the back of the neck  and slightly elevate it to align your body.
  • To align the body is the best way to prevent back pain. When you’re lying on your stomach and feel a little pain at the back, you may insert a pillow underneath to align a bit.

Back pains are inevitable, it’s something we all would go through; Sleeping indeed would make us feel better, but we should remember the points given above to ensure a successful sleep. Load more..


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